We create ideas, we build images and we grow brand values. We follow standards and we purposefully stray from them. We act on clients’ recommendations and expectations but also on our unrestrained intuition. We are not afraid to meet clients half-way but we have strong opinions and we pursue our goals tirelessly.

We specialise in complex advertising strategies, integrated promotional campaigns and loyalty programmes. We provide our services using competencies of three companies:

- Kuc Advertising Agency – advertising strategies

- Plus Communication – PR strategies

- Shopping Center Service – promotional strategies

and prizes
  • Arkadia 2005
  • Silesia CC 2006
  • Offie awards Arkadia 2005
  • Złote orły 2004 węgry
  • 7 Solal silver awards
  • 34x Solal nominees
  • offie awards 2005 nominee
  • Złote orły 2009 nominee
  • Gold Solal Award